Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Middle Team Trip

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Quick, quick! I have got to get to school early for the Middle Team trip.
We lined up and we were put into groups with a parent. Then we walked onto the bus.
 Off we go to the Square. We had a treasure hunt and searched for some facts.
 Then we walked to Te Manawa and stayed in our classes. We went around each area learning and playing.
We drove up to Pork Chop hill that had a great view over the city a d around the university.
Off to the Esplanade for lunch. We walked to the Lido and had a swim. There is a bit were it pushes you. What will I do if I get sucked in?
Then we had a long drive back to school.
It was an awesome trip!

Note from Miss Tanner . . . .

In Room 7 we have been learning how to write recounts.
We write recounts when we want to inform the reader about an event. A quality recount tells the reader all about the event and uses detail.

When commenting please comment on how well Carter did this and something he improved on.