Monday, May 8, 2017

Website Treasure Hunt

Check out this treasure hunt to familiarise yourself with our new Parkland School website.

Write up to 3 answers in the comment box below along with the question number.

Let's work together to get all the answers.

(Thank-you to Inge and Orla that have already completed this.)

Parkland School Website Scavenger Hunt

All of the answers to these questions can be found by searching through the Parkland School Web-site pages….good luck!

  1. What is the name of the company that designed our new web-site?
  2. What colour is the ‘Enrolment Scheme’ button on the home-page?
  3. What colour shirt is Corinna wearing in her staff photo?
  4. Name the two part time teachers mentioned on the web-site.
  5. Write the names of all 6 Board of trustee members featured on the web=site.
  6. What two events are mentioned that the PTA are involved in organising?
  7. Which house is featured bottom left on the Student Leaders page?
  8. How many Newsletters are there on the web=site?
  9. What is the time-zone shown on the school calendar?
  10. What is the review date for the Parkland School enrolment zone?
  11. Name two students shown in the photo on the uniform page.
  12. What four school events are shown in the Showcase page.
  13. How many sports are featured on the Sports page?
  14. Who received a certificate on the 1st May in room 7?
  15. Who are Bob and Junior mentioned on Room 12’s blog page?
  16. How many boxes must be filled in to complete an ‘absentee’ entry on the web-site?
  17. What is Parkland School’s fax number?
  18. How many staff members are wearing black in their staff photo?

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