Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Ollie's Cross Country

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When Mrs Jones called out year 3 and 4 boys I stood up and walked to the starting line.
Mrs Jones called out "Ready Steady Go." We were off!
I jogged past the parents then over the hill I went. I was at the golf course! I was all most at the end when I walked up the hill.
I sprinted to the end.
I came 42nd and l was proud.

By Ollie Vullings


  1. What a great recount Ollie. I am proud of you too!

  2. You were great, Ollie! You ran such a happy race. Nice story!

  3. Great writing Ollie. I like how you made good use of direct speech! Did you use speechmarks as well? Good job! XxxOma

  4. Read three times and loved it! Great job buddy!! Uncle Ray and Aunty Emma always miss you so much.