Monday, June 5, 2017

Cross Country 2017

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Our School Cross Country

On Thursday it was cross country day. I was excited.
When Mrs Jones said, "Ready set go!",  I zoomed passed most girls who were running with me.
I got very hot!
 Everyone was cheering and clapping.
When I got back to the finish line I came 34th. I was exhausted!

 Natalya wrote this recount about Cross Country.
 She is learning to use quality verbs and adjectives.
 When commenting please comment on something she has done well in her writing.


  1. Great writing Natalya. I wish I had been able to watch you race

  2. good job Natalya you go girl

  3. my favourite part of the story was the start. Natalya did well on making it

    intresting. I also liked the part at the end when she said she was exahauted.